Jane Tinkler

Jane Tinkler is a research fellow at the London School of Economics.

Snail on a ruller

Even an Imperfect Metrics Regime Has Value

Jane Tinkler argues that if institutions like HEFCE specify a narrow set of impact metrics, more harm than good would come to universities forced to limit their understanding of how research is making a difference. But, she adds, qualitative and quantitative indicators continue to be an incredible source of learning for how impact works.

8 years ago

The Impact of Social Sciences Project by the Numbers

The Impact of Social Sciences blog emerged from a three-year research project devoted to a qualitative and quantitative understanding of the complexity of academic impact. To not let any impact-relevant knowledge dissolve away, Jane Tinkler takes a look back at the outputs, outcomes and connections made throughout the research process.

9 years ago

In UK, Fewer Researchers Supported But More Research

Jane Tinkler breaks down the key findings from the UK government report on the impact of research council funding over the last year. With income cuts playing a significant role, the number of principal investigators and research fellowships with research council funding have both gone down–even as the remainder’s output has gone up.

9 years ago