Samantha Jaroszewski, Mary Beth Hunzaker, Michael A. Miner, Sarah A. Outland, Matt Rafalow, and Ande Reisman

Samantha Jaroszewski, PhD, is a senior user experience research at Etsy. Mary Beth Hunzaker, PhD is a senior researcher at Twitter. Michael A. Miner, PhD, is a senior social scientist and research methodologist at Instagram. Sarah A. Outland, PhD, is a lead design researcher for GET Cities/SecondMuse. Matt Rafalow, PhD, the author the new book Digital Divisions, is a staff researcher at Google where he leads YouTube's research program for product areas centered on livestreaming. Ande Reisman, PhD, is a user experience researcher at Adobe and a consultant at Equity Based Dialogue for Inclusion.

open envelope with letter inside

An Open Letter to Sociology Faculty

Sociology faculty, we need your help. Sociologists are needed in and outside of the academy. Those of us in the industry have been providing mentorship but we can not keep up with the growth in interest.

1 year ago