Jim Lumsden

Jim Lumsden is a data analyst at Prolific. He has an MSc in Computer Science and a PhD in gamification, engagement and cognitive testing from the University of Bristol. His work at Prolific focuses on monitoring and maintaining the participant pool, and developing new product features to help scientists conduct awesome research.

What’s That, You Want to Run an Online Experiment?

This post will explore some of the tools and platforms that can help with a key stage of the online research process: creating your survey or experiment. Specifically, we’ll be looking at options for running online experiments, with a slight focus on the more complex platforms – those designed to collect reaction time data (e.g., cognitive tasks), or to deliver complex experimental paradigms with a range of response types. We’ll examine the pros and cons of Qualtrics, Gorilla, Inquisit Web, as well as the good old DIY approach.

3 years ago