Author: Jo Ingold, Angela Knox, Luke Macaulay, and Sherrica Senewiratne

Jo Ingold is an associate professor of human resource management at Deakin Business School. Her academic research focuses on employability and skills programs (particularly employer engagement); and the workplace inclusion of under-served labor market groups. Angela Knox is an associate professor of work and organization at the University of Sydney, Australia. Her research interests include job quality, precarious employment, skills and migration. Luke Macaulay is a research fellow at Deakin University's Centre for Refugee Employment, Advocacy, Training, and Education (CREATE). As an interdisciplinary researcher, Luke has worked and published in a variety of areas including vocational behaviour, education, forced migration studies, and cultural studies. Sherrica Senewiratne is a registered psychologist and a current PhD candidate at Swinburne University. Her area of research focuses on leadership and wellbeing.

Employers’ Engagement with Employment Services in Australia
Business and Management INK
August 15, 2023

Employers’ Engagement with Employment Services in Australia

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