Marco J. Haenssgen

Marco J Haenssgen is an assistant professor in global sustainable development at the University of Warwick and an associate fellow at the Institute of Advanced Study. He is a social scientist with a background in management and international development and experience in aid evaluation, intergovernmental policy making, and management consulting. His research emphasizes marginalization and health behavior in the context of health policy implementation, technology diffusion, and antimicrobial resistance with a geographical focus on Southeast Asia.

Impact and Assessing Public Engagement

Promoting public engagement with research has become a core mission for research funders. However, the extent to which researchers can assess the impact of this engagement is often under-analysed and limited to success stories. Drawing on the example of development aid, Marco J Haenssgen argues we need to widen the parameters for assessing public engagement and begin to develop a skills base for the external evaluation of public engagement work.

4 years ago