Marni Brown

Marni A. Brown is an associate professor of sociology in the School of Liberal Arts at Georgia Gwinnett College and the chair of faculty for Human Development and Aging Services. She has been teaching gender, sexuality, and social inequality for several years and has experience with teacher training programs and undergraduate curriculum development. She has been published in Teaching Sociology, Sociology of Sport, contributed to the reader Sex Matters, and co-edited the anthology Gender Lives and Sexual Beings: A Feminist Anthology.

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The Importance of Cultural and Social Awareness in Building LGBTQI Families

Marni Brown found herself pondering, “Why does race matter in this selection process and why do lesbians, in general, want their offspring to look like them? Is the desire for our children to look like us actuality a cover-up for racially driven decisions that perpetuate inequality in already marginalized communities?”

3 years ago