Tony Ross-Hellauer, Angela Fessl, and Thomas Klebel

Tony Ross-Hellauer (pictured) is leader of the Open and Reproducible Research Group and senior researcher at Know-Center. His research focuses on a range of issues related to open science evaluation, skills, policy, governance, monitoring and infrastructure. Angela Fessl is working as a senior researcher in the area of technology enhanced learning at the Know-Center. Thomas Klebel is a researcher and project manager at Know-Center and member of the Open and Reproducible Research Group. As project manager and researcher for ON-MERRIT he works on uncovering potential Matthew effects in the transition to open science and responsible research and innovation.

Can We Have Open Science Where No Scholar Is Left Behind?

While the dominant model of open access using article processing charges lowers financial barriers for readers, it has erected a new paywall at the other end of the pipeline, blocking access to publication for less-privileged authors.

2 years ago