Sierra Williams

Sierra Williams is managing editor of the LSE Impact of Social Sciences blog. She has an MPhil in conflict resolution and reconciliation studies from Trinity College, Dublin and a BA in sociology from the University of San Francisco. Williams previously provided research and administrative support for the LSE Impact of Social Sciences Project. Prior to joining PPG she worked at PLoS. Her interests are in open scholarship, use of research in the third sector, the role of expertise in society, and data sharing in the social sciences.


Shaken and Stirred: Christakis on Re-ordering Social Science

With one foot firmly planted in natural science and one in social science, Yale’s Nicholas A. Christakis looks at the landscape of the latter and wonders why it’s changed so little in the past century. Is it time for a common-sense, and yet radical, reshuffling of the institutional frameworks that we tend to accept as permanent?

8 years ago