Jorrit Smit and Laurens Hessels

Jorrit Smit is a postdoctoral researcher in Science Studies at Erasmus University Rotterdam. He has published on the history and politics of scientific internationalism and societal impact. His current research interests focus on the spatiality and evaluation of 'useful' research. Laurens Hessels is a senior researcher at the Rathenau Instituut and professor by special appointment at Leiden University (Centre for Science and Technology Studies). Hessels has published widely on science policy, research collaboration and social impacts of science. His current research interests include transdisciplinary research collaboration and mission-oriented innovation policies.

Getting a Handle on Both Societal and Scientific Impact

In this post, Jorrit Smit and Laurens Hessels, draw on a recent analysis of different impact evaluation tools to explore how they constitute and direct conceptions of research impact. Finding a common separation between evaluation focused on scientific and societal impact, they suggest bridging this divide may prove beneficial to producing research that has public value, rather than research that achieves particular metrics.

1 year ago