Spyros Samothrakis

Spyros Samothrakis is the deputy director of the Institute for Analytics and Data Science at the University of Essex. He has published numerous scientific articles on AI topics like probabilistic planning, reinforcement learning, machine learning and natural language processing. Before joining academia, he had spent time in the telecommunications industry working as an IT consultant. He holds a PhD in computer science from the University of Essex, an MSc in intelligence systems from the University of Sussex and a BSc in computer science from the University of Sheffield.

Android in deep metacognition

AI May Usurp the Market in Guiding Public Policy Decisions

Most institutions see the market as the only legitimate form of organization, but different visions towards public policy, some involving artificial intelligence, have been the subject of consideration from academics and politicians alike. Under what circumstances, and to what extent, could artificial intelligence replace the market as the end-all guiding force in crafting reasonable public policy? Brexit may play a leading role in the transition.

4 years ago