Alesia Zuccala and Gemma Derrick

Alesia Ann Zuccala (pictured) is an associate professor in the Department of Communication, University of Copenhagen. Her research examines scholarly communication, bibliometrics, and research evaluation. In recent years, she has focused on the evaluation of research outputs in the social sciences and humanities. Gemma Derrick is a senior lecturer and director of research at the Department of Educational Research (Centre for Higher Education at the Centre for Higher Education Research and Evaluation) at Lancaster University. Her research focuses on the dynamics of knowledge production and how researchers create, conform and participate in evaluative cultures within academia.

girl surrounded by shadows

We Know More Than What is Measured About Gender Inequality in Academia

In academia gender bias is often figured in terms of research productivity and differentials surrounding the academic work of men and women. Alesia Zuccala and Gemma Derrick posit that this outlook inherently ignores a wider set of variables impacting women, and that attempts to achieve cultural change in academia can only be realised, by acknowledging variables that are ultimately difficult to quantify.

2 years ago