Active Learning

Creating an Active Learning Culture

‘Community engagement’ courses usually require students to complete a certain number of hours of service learning, with hope that it can lead to an active learning space. However, David Rohall believes more than just one or two community courses are needed, and should involve building relationships with community leaders and norms that encourage active learning.

5 years ago

What is Active Learning?

What constitutes active learning? How can you tell if a teaching technique qualifies as active? “A simple way to distinguish active learning,” says Dr. Maxine Atkinson, “is to ask the question: Who is doing the intellectual work?”

5 years ago

Putting Active Learning into All Sociology Programs

Among the top-ranked liberal arts schools, all but one offer sociology courses that include active learning experiences. The same is not true for AASCU schools with only 1/3 having these courses. The good news is that now all instructors—no matter the size of their classes or their school’s endowment—can find ways to incorporate active learning into their courses.

5 years ago

Using LinkedIn for Career Building

Joseph G. Gerard of Western New England University published “Linking in With LinkedIn®: Three Exercises That Enhance Professional Social Networking […]

10 years ago