Maxine P. Atkinson

Maxine P. Atkinson is Professor of Sociology at North Carolina State University and co-Editor of Sociology in Action.

Teaching Foundational Concepts by Using the SEE-I Process

Dr. Maxine Atkinson shares her thoughts and challenges on how application is a crucial step to teaching foundational concepts. “One of the challenges we all face when teaching a foundational concept is making sure that student comprehension is strong and that they will be able to apply the concept throughout the course.”

5 years ago

Checking for Understanding through Reflection: 3-2-1

‘There are many ways you could use a 3-2-1 with Sociology in Action,’ says Dr. Maxine Atkinson. In a new SIA blog post, Atkinson describes some of her failures while teaching and the realization on the reason why her lessons weren’t always reaching the students.

5 years ago
Lecture hall

When Should You Lecture?

In the second installment of our Sociology in Action series, Dr. Maxine P. Atkinson shares her secrets on what makes a good lecture stick. Hint: engagement and involvement.

5 years ago

What is Active Learning?

What constitutes active learning? How can you tell if a teaching technique qualifies as active? “A simple way to distinguish active learning,” says Dr. Maxine Atkinson, “is to ask the question: Who is doing the intellectual work?”

5 years ago