Big Data

Gary King on Big Data Analysis

When looking at big data, says computational social scientist Gary King, “The data itself isn’t likely to be particularly useful; the question is whether you can make it useful.” In this Social Science Bites podcast, he explains more about the importance of data analysis.

5 years ago

Sandy Pentland on Social Physics

In this Social Science Bites podcast, MIT’s Sandy Pentland tells interviewer Dave Edmonds about the origins of social physics in the barren days before the advent of widespread good data and solid statistical methods and how it blossomed as both a field and for Pentland’s own research.

5 years ago

How Will Big Data Affect Evolution of Social Science?

How will social science research and teaching evolve to meet the challenges and opportunities big data creates? How can we bring down barriers to make this new computational social science accessible for all social researchers? That was the subject of a panel discussion at last month’s ESRC Festival of Social Sciences 2016.

5 years ago

Report: Who Is Doing Computational Social Science

SAGE Publishing surveyed social scientists around the world to learn more about who engages in research using ‘big data,’ and what challenges they face as well as the barriers facing those who are interested in conducting computational social science going forward.

6 years ago

Who is Doing Big Data: A SAGE Survey

A new survey shoots down the idea that early-career researchers aresomehow more likely to be digital natives and therefore more apt to conduct computational social science than those whose PhDs were issued more than a decade ago.

6 years ago

Watch Gary King: Do We Need a Big Data Treaty?

Political scientists Gary King has called on the policymakers and government officials in the audience to consider enacting a ‘treaty’ on the collection, retention, access and sharing of big data that could serve the needs of the academic world, the commercial world and government while protecting the interests of the public.

6 years ago
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Use Qualitative Methods In Mining the Data Gold Rush

Mylynn Felt, author of a popular paper on social media and the social sciences, hopes to see a growing blend of established qualitative techniques with newly emerging big data research methods in future social science work.

6 years ago
1953 computer

Computers Broke It. Computers Can Fix It

Computers have revolutionized academic research – and at the same time created a new crop of problems. But, suggests Ben Marwick, computers can also help address some of the challenges they have created.

6 years ago

Social Science’s Impact on Society, Circa 2065: Josephine Go Jefferies

Social Science Space is presenting 10 shortlisted essays written by young social scientists in an ESRC competition looking at how social science might change the world in the next half century. This week we present Josephine Go Jeffries’ examination of how really Big Data may change life in our budding infocracies.

6 years ago
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Exploring the Nexus of Big Data and Official Statistics

While it might seem natural for so-called Big Data to supplement, improve or replace existing datasets and statistics, or provide entirely new statistical outputs for government agencies, some careful footwork is needed before heading too far down that path, argues Rob Kitchin.

7 years ago