Big Data

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Beware! Big Data Is Not Free of Discrimination

Math can be immoral. too. Algorithms rarely come equipped with an explanation for why they behave the way they do, notes mathematician Jeremy Kun, and the easy (and dangerous) course of action is not to ask questions.

7 years ago
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A Few Caveats for Budding Social Media Research Mavens

Behavioral scientists have seized on social media and their massive data sets as a way to quickly and cheaply figure out what people are thinking and doing. But some of those tweets and thumbs ups can be misleading.

7 years ago

Is Big Data Galloping to a ‘Horsemeat Moment’?

Big data is ultimately a big boon for both researchers and the public. But without some reasonable and quick regulation, argues Duncan Shaw, scandals arising from its misuse could turn the public’s stomach.

8 years ago

Whither Small Data?

The rapid growth and impact of big data has led some to ponder whether big data might lead to the demise of small data, noted Rob Kitchin in an excerpt from his new book, The Data Revolution. But that ignores the benefits and beauties that small data deliver.

8 years ago

Big Data: No Free Lunch for Protecting Privacy

In the first of a series of excerpts from a just released report summarizing 2013’s International Year of Statistics’ London conference, we look at one of the down sides of Big Data.

8 years ago

The Myths of Offender Profiling.

Recent publications have encouraged me not to keep quiet about this any longer. Now is the time to explain why I find the term ‘profiling’ so problematic yet get stuck with using it.

9 years ago

Web 2.0: Anarchy or Revolution?

With the exponential expansion even over the last few months of Web 2.0 it is important for social scientists to get a grip on the wide-reaching implications of these developments.

9 years ago