Erica Chenoweth

Erica Chenoweth on Nonviolent Resistance

You and a body of like-minded people want to reform a wretched regime, or perhaps just break away from it and create an independent state. Are you more likely to achieve your goals by a campaign of bombings, assassinations and riots, or by mass protests which are avowedly peaceful? Your first step should be to schedule a sit-down with Erica Chenoweth, who has been studying that question since 2006.

4 years ago

Post on Being Part of Resistance Wins ISA Online Award

A post on the blog Political Violence at a Glance that gives a host of tips on how academics can be very political and yet not violence was judged to be the best in the international studies blogosphere last year.  Erica Chenoweth’s “When Engaged Scholarship Means Resistance”  was named Best Blog Post in the annual Duckies awards handed out on April 6 at the International Studies Association’s annual meeting.

5 years ago