Knowledge Exchange

Whats Next for National Impact and Knowledge Exchange Policies?

Showing impact is a question of timescales as well as metrics. If you invest in research you are likely to see success in high-quality research outputs such as publications, as the UK has demonstrated in the past couple of decades. But it’s harder to demonstrate innovation and it takes longer.

4 years ago

Navigating Trade-Offs Between Research, Impact, and Collaboration

Valeria Izzi asks, when it comes to research for development, can we really have it all? Or are we setting the bar so high that researchers will be discouraged from even trying – instead embellishing their proposals with enough impact, partnership, and co-production jargon to win funding, before getting on with research as usual?

5 years ago

Research Must Try to Influence Change

There is no doubt that good communications and framing research for your audience is important to influencing policy and having impact. But shouldn’t we be aiming higher than producing and packaging research that simply meets the demands of policy actors? James Georgalakis argues that research and researchers need to challenge dominant paradigms and expose inconvenient truths.

5 years ago

Impact Still Helping Higher Education; But at What Cost?

Tina Basi and Mona Sloane argue that REF 2021 offers the opportunity to frame a discussion on the purpose of universities that is less focused on economics and more focused on people and public engagement, returning closer to the Humboldtian model of higher education.

5 years ago

Five Principles of Science Communication

Effective communication is fundamental to increasing public understanding and for building the bridge between the public and the sciences. Suzi Spitzer outlines five principles of holistic science communication that can facilitate collaborative learning between scientists and the public.

5 years ago