Louise Richardson

Louise Richardson: Educational Divide Fuels Corrosive Populism

Speaking before a sell-out audience of policymakers, journalists and academics in Whitehall, Louise Richardson FAcSS, vice chancellor of the University of Oxford, said we must bridge the educational divide to prevent populism for threatening democracy

5 years ago
Tracey Browne

Facing Ugly Truths: A Sense About Science Lecture

Sense About Science’s Tracey Browne last week delivered ‘The Ugly Truth’ – an examination of “the need to encourage accountability and support scrutiny over research” to an audience of academics, researchers, policymakers and learned societies.

7 years ago
Full university forum hall

Will Technology Kill the University Lecture?

In the case of higher education the discussion of technology’s influence is often superficial, repetitious and disappointing, argues Tom Cochrane of Queensland University of Technology. It’s too often context free, and about being a university student and/or academic.

8 years ago