Listen Up: Paper Argues Podcasting Can Transform Scholarly Communities and Society

In “How Academic Podcasting Can Change Academia And Its Relationship With Society: A Conversation And Guide,” Michael Cox, an environmental social scientist at Dartmouth College, and 24 other researchers (themselves academic podcasters), describe how academic podcasting could help various dimensions of higher education and offer suggestions for researchers interested in starting a podcast.

5 months ago
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Leveling the Career Playing Field … with Audio

Viva Voce is a website platform that allows social science researchers to set up five minute podcasts about their research.
Gemma Sou argues podcasts are an ideal medium for early career researchers as social media tend to mirror the academic environment, with CV-like publication lists and stratified networks. By literally giving researchers a voice, findings can be brought to life and a more level playing field for researchers can be established.

9 years ago