Worry About Adults and How We Come to Believe in Lies

We have entered an era of lifelong media education, says Michelle L. Stack. This includes an examination of how we freely share information about ourselves on social media that is then used to frame how we see others and ourselves.

6 years ago
RSS panel on post-truth

Video: What is ‘Post-Truth’? What Can We Do About It?

At a panel debate held by the Royal Statistical Society titled ‘Post-truth: what is it and what can we do about it,’ panelists from BuzzFeed, Sense about Science, Full Fact, the Oxford Internet Institute and the RSS debated this new phenomenon.

6 years ago

The Research on Communicating Science in a Post-Truth Era

A new report from the National Academies on current science communication finds it’s going to need strategic and serious investment in the ‘science’ of science communication and demand much greater engagement and collaboration between those who study science communication and those who actually do it.

6 years ago