Publication Concerns

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The Digital Scholar: Reference Rot and Link Decorations

You have written a paper and linked to your literature and resources. All is good, except that many of those links that are tied to permanent identifiers may fade away over time — a significant problem for scholarly purposes. Martin Klein and Herbert Van de Sompel explore ways to mitigate this problem through more systematic web archiving practices and link decoration techniques.

7 years ago
Ethics on scrabble board_opt

A Primer on Plagiarism and Other Publishing Sins

High-quality scientific literature is the cornerstone of scientific progress and is highly regarded by academia. However, Ritesh G. Menezes and his colleagues write in the Medico-Legal Journal, scientific literature is often marred by plagiarism, data fabrication and falsification, redundant publication and illegitimate authorship.

7 years ago
Human testing

Publication Ethics and Biomedical Imperialism

Applying ethics to social science research can raise as many issues as it answers. A new set of guidelines on which Robert DIngwall consulted gives clarity in some cases like manipulation of images and duplicate publication but leaves some other controversies unsettled.

8 years ago