Good Replication Standards Start With the Data

How can we create reliable and replicable political science data? A recent article in the ‘American Political Science Review’ focuses on text analysis and suggests ways to make these data sound and reproducible.

3 years ago
France Cordova

Social Science Gets Surprisingly Warm Reception on Hill

At the scene of many a dismal day for partisans of social and behavioral science, a hearing Tuesday on Capitol Hill saw proponents of the disciplines loud and proud. However, those hoping for an $8 billion budget next year for the NSF had less to be happy about.

4 years ago

Can Greater Transparency Lead to Better Social Science?

The political science journal Comparative Political Studies is experimenting for one special issue in which articles will be judged based on reviewers’ evaluations of what authors intend to do rather than what they report as their findings.

5 years ago
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