Trigger Warnings

Don't walk sign

Are Trigger Warnings Hitting Their Target?

Given the prevalence of trigger warnings, there is little consensus on the extent to which they are, in fact, an effective strategy for reducing the risk of trauma exposure, vicarious trauma, and re-traumatization.

4 weeks ago

In Defense of the Trigger Warning

A literature professor who has offered ‘trigger warnings’ to students argues that the warnings are designed to open up a discussion of difficult material – not suppress it.

6 years ago
Michael Polanyi circa 1956

Emotionalisation, Neoliberalism and Academic Freedom in US

The boundaries of academic freedom in the US have shifted, argues Sam Binkley. What is at stake now is not only the freedom to think, speak and generate knowledge, but the freedom, even the requirement that one becomes a certain kind of person in order to think and speak in certain kinds of ways.

6 years ago