work spouses

Should Everyone Have a Work Spouse?

Marilyn Whitman and Ashley Mandeville discuss their recent paper on the work spouse phenomenon. It appears in the Journal of Management Inquiry.

4 years ago
Michael Burawoy

Michael Burawoy on Sociology and the Workplace

Michael Burawoy is a practitioner of what we might call ‘extreme ethnography.’ In this Social Science Bites podcast, Burawoy tells interviewer Dave Edmonds about his various experiences on factory floors, and some of the specific lessons he learned and the broader points — often unexpected — that emerged from the synthesis of his experiences.

7 years ago

Mental Health Measurement and the Workplace

Due to the confusion over what counts as evidence, mental health research has largely failed to make a significant impact on workplace wellbeing and employment relations practices. Elizabeth Cotton argues that in order to make a positive difference, academic research will have to involve new technologies and communication strategies aimed at helping people to improve their mental health at work.

10 years ago
Paul Seabright

Paul Seabright on the Relationship Between the Sexes

There is still a great deal of inequality between the sexes in the workplace. In this episode of the Social Science Bites podcast Paul Seabright combines insights from economics and evolutionary theory to shed light on why this might be so.

11 years ago