Global Mindset: A Construct Clarification & Framework

Joana S.P. Story, NOVA School of Business and Economics, and John E. Barbuto, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, recently published “Global Mindset: A Construct Clarification and Framework” in Online First in Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies. They were kind enough to provide some background information regarding the article.

Who is the target audience for this article?

Scholars, researchers and perhaps serious practitioners that want to rigorously look at the popular concept of global mindset.

What inspired you to be interested in this topic?

This topic has been of interest to both authors for the past several years and is the foundation for a much larger project aimed at testing the antecedents and impacts of global mindset.

Were there findings that were surprising to you?

This work developed a framework, articulating a testable articulation of global mindset. Findings are all “coming attractions.”

How do you see this study influencing future research?

Testing the importance of global mindset in global work settings is a necessary step in advancing the global leadership field. Until research has been conducted that tests and reports on these issues, the field will continue to work from intuitive appeal and anecdotal stories to guide practice. Work is necessary to test the true impacts of leaders’ global mindset in organizations and then, if the impacts are salient – then the antecedents of global mindsset will also be of keen interest.

How does this study fit into your body of work/line of research?

This work is fundamental to our interest in global mindset, global issues, and global leadership. Testing the impacts of global mindset of leaders is a key research interest of both of us.

How did your paper change during the review process?

Hopefully, it got a little better in the review process. JLOS has excellent reviewers and a strong editor – so papers tend to improve during the iterations.

What, if anything, would you do differently if you could go back and do this study again?

Nothing yet. We may have more changes after empirical work is available to us to reconsider many of our propositions and framework.

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