Registration Open for ICCA Summit on Risks and Needs

ICCA is hosting our first ever topical conference, focusing on evidence-based risk/needs assessments and the roles they play in a variety of settings.

Conference discussions will include evaluation and treatment methodologies in mental health and substance abuse/addictions, as well as what implementation science tells us about integrating evidence-based practices into agency operations.

Our conference provides an opportunity for networking and shared learning for professionals in the treatment and criminal justice systems. We anticipate drawing over 250 participants, including community corrections agency leaders and program directors, probation and parole officers, jail reentry program directors, researchers, judges, and government representatives.

The conference will be held July 17th – 20th, 2011, in Reno, Nevada at the John Ascuaga’s Nugget Hotel. Conference registration, and a full schedule of workshops and speakers is available online at

International Community Corrections Association
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International Community Corrections Association

The ICCA is a membership organization dedicated to promoting community-based corrections for adults and juveniles to enhance public safety. The International Community Corrections Association, as a private, non-profit, membership organization, acts as the representative voice for residential and other community corrections programs. As such, it expects of its members compassion, belief in the dignity and worth of human beings, respect for individual difference and a commitment to quality care for its clients. It requires of its members the professional background, research and expertise necessary to ensure performance of effective quality services delivered with integrity and competence. ICCA affirms that its primary goal is the successful reintegration of the client into the community.

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