A New Journal of Management Education Podcast is available!

The Journal of Management Education (JME) has added a new podcast to its collection.

In this podcast, Gordon Meyer, associate editor for JME, interviews Lisa Amoroso, Dominican University, and Denise Lewin Loyd, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, about their article, “The Diversity Education Dilemma: Exposing Status Hierarchies Without Reinforcing Them.” Co-author Jenny M. Hoobler, University of Illinois at Chicago, was unable to participate in the podcast.

The abstract:

A diversity education dilemma occurs when exposure to information concerning status hierarchies, related to demographic and other socially salient identity groups, reinforces those hierarchies in the classroom. Discussions of diversity-related issues in a variety of management courses (e.g., immigrant issues in labor relations, the composition of executive leadership teams in strategy, workplace compliance issues in human resource management) may highlight or draw attention to status differences as individuals identify with—and are identified by others as belonging to—higher or lower status groups (e.g., based on race/ethnicity, gender, or physical disability). As a consequence, the “real world” status hierarchy is strengthened within the classroom with negative consequences for student learning. This study uses status characteristics theory to provide a framework for understanding ways in which one’s best-intended practices may be undermining student learning. The authors also propose a series of practical ways that instructors can mitigate the status hierarchy to create a more equitable learning environment while simultaneously tackling issues related to diversity.

To listen to this podcast, click here, or to view the Journal of Management Education‘s entire collection of podcasts, please follow this link.

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