Small Group Research: Special Issue Call for Papers

Small Group Research has announced a Call for Papers for an upcoming Special Issue on the theme of “Pedagogy.”

“Have you developed innovative methods for teaching a course (undergraduate or graduate) on small groups? Small Group Research is planning a special issue containing articles describing such methods and discussing some of the pedagogical issues that can arise in courses of this sort. Note that this issue is not about the use of small groups in courses on other topics. Instead, its focus is on courses about small groups; the methods used to teach such courses might or might not involve group activities.

Although we welcome all submissions, we are especially eager to see empirical papers that include some assessment of how effective your methods were to teaching students about groups.

If you are interested in publishing an article in this special issue, then the first step is to send a brief summary (no more than five pages long, typewritten and double-spaced) to Dr. Richard Moreland, SGR Associate Editor, Department of Psychology, 3103 Sennott Square, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA. 15260. All summaries should be sent no later than December 31st, 2011. Dr. Moreland will read each summary and identify (in consultation with other members of the journal’s editorial staff) the best submissions. He will then work with the authors of those submissions to produce the articles themselves, which should be ready for publication in early 2013. The final articles may range in length from 20 to 35 pages.”

If you have any questions about the special issue, then please feel free to contact Dr. Moreland at

For more information on Small Group Research, please click here.

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