Small Group Research

Best Papers in Small Group Research

Small Group Research addresses and connects three vital areas of study: the psychology of small groups, communication within small groups,and […]

10 years ago

The Top Five: Small Group Research

Managers and scholars interested in teamwork and team building, work groups, meeting success, and related topics will benefit from valuable […]

10 years ago

Faultlines, Fairness, and Fighting

 “Faultlines, Fairness, and Fighting: A Justice Perspective on Conflict in Diverse Groups,”  by Chester S. Spell, Rutgers University, Katerina Bezrukova, Santa Clara University, Jarrod Haar, University […]

12 years ago

Conflict in Nonprofit Boards

“It’s Not Conflict, It’s Differences in Opinion: An In-Depth Examination of Conflict in Nonprofit Boards“, by Shannon Kerwin of the […]

12 years ago