Performance Management Systems, Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of our themed post on “Performance Management!”

The Journal of Management Education will answer the following question:

What is the role of Performance Management in education?

Troy V. Mumford, Colorado State University, published “Developing Performance Management Competence : An Exercise Leveraging Video Technology and Multisource Feedback” in the October 2009 issue.

The ability to competently manage employee performance is critical for students graduating with degrees in management. This article provides a competency development exercise (CDE) for use in graduate and undergraduate management courses to increase students’ performance management competence. The CDE includes providing employee feedback, disciplining employees, and conducting termination meetings. Procedures and assessment tools are provided for utilizing the exercise in conjunction with video technology and multisource feedback. In addition, guidance is given for adapting and condensing the CDE from 3-6 hr to 30-60 min. Finally, data are presented showing that the exercise significantly affected students’ performance management competence.

Treena L. Gillespie, University of South Alabama, and Richard O. Parry, California State University, Fullerton, published “Students as Employees : Applying Performance Management Principles in the Management Classroom” in the March 2008 issue.

The student-as-employee metaphor emphasizes student accountability and participation in learning and provides instructors with work-oriented methods for creating a productive class environment. The authors propose that the tenets of performance management in work organizations can be applied to the classroom. In particular, they focus on three important areas within performance management: identifying performance, developing performance, and dealing with the social environment associated with managing performance. Beyond implications for course management, the authors discuss the instructor’s role in the performance management process, directions for future research, and the value of these classroom practices for the work setting.

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