Year: 2012

Top INK Posts of 2012

Happy New Year’s Eve! To celebrate the last day of 2012, we’ve highlighted a few of our popular posts from […]

9 years ago

The Study of Conflict Mediation by Political Scientists

As Hilary Clinton arrives in Israel to attempt to negotiate a cease fire in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hammas, it is worth noting that there is a sub-field of political science that focuses on the determinants and effectiveness of these kinds of mediation effects.

9 years ago

Looking Back, Moving Forward

Change happens, and in the academic world it’s crucial for institutions to collaborate for a better future. Charles Heckscher of […]

10 years ago

Best Business Reads of 2012

Management INK would like to wish all of you a happy holiday! To celebrate and gain some inspiration for the […]

10 years ago

Imagine the Moment of Glory!

What stories do you have to tell about life in your organization? It turns out that storytelling can play an […]

10 years ago

And Then There Were No Books

When the customs agent started to smile, I knew that things would go badly indeed. He told me that my books would not be allowed into the country, unless I paid a fine of 50 per cent of their current price (a lot of money, and more than I could possibly afford).

10 years ago

A Passion for Work: Part 5 of 5

Part Five: Creating Passionate Hearts The search for work passion starts with educating our future business leaders to love what […]

10 years ago