Advances in Developing Human Resources: February 2012 Issue Now Online!

Volume 14, Number 1 (February 2012) of Advances in Developing Human Resources is now available online. This special issue highlights Women and Leadership in Higher Education. We hope you will find it enjoyable and thought-provoking. You can view the Table of Contents here.

The lead article, “HERS Institutes: Curriculum for Advancing Women Leaders in Higher Education,” was published by Judith S. White, University of Denver.

The abstract:

The Problem.

At this critical time, higher education needs more women prepared to assume senior leadership roles, both to fill the openings from anticipated presidential retirements and to provide higher quality decision making through more diverse perspective at all levels of leadership.

The Solution.

Higher Education Resource Services (HERS), founded in 1972, has provided leadership development opportunities for more than 4,300 women faculty and administrators sponsored by1,100 institutions in the United States and abroad. HERS has recently implemented significant revisions of its signature HERS Institutes to address the new circumstances and challenges women leaders will face in guiding institutions in the decade ahead. This article examines the historical development of HERS, recent revisions, and future plans for expanding programs.

The Stakeholders.

Revisions to HERS Institutes suggestimplications for those developing women in HRD, conducting research on leadership development, or concerned about higher education as a new leadership cadre faces the demands of the future.

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