Examining Business through Films

Today the Academy Awards will be telecast worldwide.

In the academic research, films and the industry surrounding them have played a role and have offered interesting insights into the business world. For today’s post, we’ve pulled together an interesting assortment of articles on movie awards; movies and marketing; power and masculinities in popular films and the use of film in re-imaging a tourism destination.

We hope you enjoy this selection.

Gerda Gemser, Mark A. A. M. Leenders and Nachoem M. Wijnberg

“Why Some Awards Are More Effective Signals of Quality than Others: A Study of Movie Awards”

Journal of Management (February 2008)

Russell Belk

“Examining Markets, Marketing, Consumers and Society through Documentary Films

Journal of Macromarketing (December 2011)

Pierre McDonagh and Pat Brereton

“Screening Not Greening: An Ecological Reading of the Greatest Business Movies”

Journal of Macromarketing (June 2010)

Alexia Panayiotou and Krini Kafiris

“Viewing the Language of Space: Organizational Spaces, Power and Resistance in Popular Films”

Journal of Management Inquiry (September 2011)

Alexia Panayiotou

“’Macho’ managers and organizational heroes: competing masculinities in popular films”

Organization (November 2010)

Noëlle O’Connor, Sheila Flanagan and David Gilbert

“The use of film in re-imaging a tourism destination: a case study of Yorkshire, UK”

Journal of Vacation Marketing (January 2010)

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