Public Finance Review: May 2012 Issue Now Online

Volume 40, No. 3 (May 2012) of Public Finance Review (PFR) is now available online. The latest issue of PFR examines U.S. taxes and income redistribution, marginal tax rates of low-income households, and more. We hope you will find it interesting and useful. You can view the Table of Contents here.

Thor O. Thoresen, Erlend E. Bø, Erik Fjærli and Elin Halvorsen, all of Statistics Norway, authored the lead article, “A Suggestion for Evaluating the Redistributional Effects of Tax Changes: With an Application to the 2006 Norwegian Tax Reform.”

The abstract:

An evaluation strategy for answering the question, “Is the tax schedule more redistributive after a reform than prior to a reform?” is presented. The procedure builds upon addressing measures of tax redistribution, utilizing micro data from periods before and after the reform. Tax redistributional effects are measured in terms of a “common base” approach, which means that a benchmark is established which facilitates identifying how the redistributional efforts of policy makers develop over time. When applying this method for evaluation of the 2006 Norwegian tax reform, the results suggest that the modification of the dual income tax system of the 2006 reform has improved the redistributional effect of the schedule. This conclusion is qualified by addressing measurement challenges brought up by the reform, such as behavioral responses and timing effects.

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