A Future for the Family Business Field

Online registration is now available for the Family Firm Institute (FFI) 2012 Annual Conference, “Family Enterprise: The Field, The Families, The Future,” set for October 17-20, 2012 in Brussels, Belgium.

At FFI’s video gallery, you can watch educational sessions taped at last year’s conference, including discussions on generational changes in family enterprise. In “Persistent 5@25: Key topics over 25 years through practitioner and scholarly eyes,” FFI Fellow Jane Hilburt-Davis and Family Business Review Editor Pramodita Sharma talk about encouraging collaboration and conversation between researchers, educators and practitioners in the field.

The following are areas of focus for the 2012 FFI Global Conference:

• The Field: Moving beyond the “buckets” of law, finance, management and behavioral science that defined the field in the beginning, the conference programming will include approaches, research, and case studies that are unique to the profession of family enterprise advising today.

• The Families: The nuclear family appears to be in decline, and thus the extended family has taken on new meaning as cross-cultural research has created new family models. Entrepreneurial drive now goes far beyond the domain of the founder to include the family across generations. Implications of the changing family structure will be examined.

• The Future: An exploration of the social, business and interpersonal aspects of family enterprise and enterprising families from a futurist perspective.

The Family Firm Institute is the leading membership association worldwide for professionals serving the family enterprise field. It provides a global forum for practitioners, academics and others to acquire multidisciplinary knowledge while engaging in collaborative opportunities. Its flagship publication is Family Business Review (FBR), the first and oldest scholarly journal in the field.

Through its international journal, certificate programs, Global Education Network (GEN), and preeminent international conference, FFI upholds the highest standards in best practices. For more information, visit www.ffi.org.

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