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Irish referendum
See our selected links via the elections blog.
Shanghai Cooperation Organisation international summit
The leaders of China, Russia and four central Asian countries are meeting in Beijing to discuss the conflict of Afghanistan and other security issues. Information is on the website of the hosting organisation the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation. This was formed in 2001. Its website has profiles of member nations plus details of earlier meetings.

See these analyses of the organisation. The first from the Centre for Strategic Research and Analysis  (CESRAN) was (founded by a group of Turkish academics in 2008
Brookings Institution.
Free articles from the International Journal of Humanities and Social Science
Council on Foreign Relations

The Byline Survey Report, 2011: Who Narrates the World?
Interesting annual survey from the Op-ed evaluated are the results of our most recent effort, which evaluated over 7,000 articles in 10 media outlets over a 12 week period from 9/15/11 to 12/7/11. (Mainly USA) comparing who wrote op-eds, what they were about and where they appeared. Interesting facts about ‘new and old media also about male and female news reporting.

National Film Preservation website offers free access to controversial Houston documentary
Free access from end of May-until end of august to John Houston’s 1946 film Let there be Light which used interviews to consider the psychological impact of war. Also available other Houston war documentaries and film notes. These include
The Battle of San Pietro (1945), the second film in Huston’s WWII trilogy
The Reawakening (1919), about the treatment of returning WW1 veteransTechnical and copyright details are on the website.

The Research Division of the Office of the Federal Commissioner for the Stasi Records has Posted Documents on Cooperation between the Stasi and the KGB Online
These are available on the website. text in German. The documents cover the period 1964-1989. They include records of conversation, directives, and transcripts from visits. Material made available as a result of a joint project with the History and Public Policy Project of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars (WWICS) in Washington, DC.Lists of other stasi archives are also on the website.
Interesting blog created by Justin Greenwood, professor of European Public Policy, Robert Gordon University. It aims to encourage authors to share their views, opinions and feedback on the submission and review process of peer reviewed journals in the social sciences. A key issue is the length of time taken to review. It is also encouraging journal editors to share their policies. The site was started in March 2012. So content currently small but could be one to watch as its aims are interesting.

Low Countries Historical Review now on open access
BMGN – Low Countries Historical Review was founded in 1877 and is a leading academic journal for the history of the Netherlands, Belgium and their empires.It is currently is published by the Royal Netherlands Historical Society / Koninklijk Nederlands Historisch Genootschap (KNHG) and from March 2012 has become an open access title.
Thecurrent issue contains a number of articles on concepts of masculinity.
Multipurpose Masculinities: Gender and Power in Low Countries Histories of Masculinity by Stefan Dudink;
The Return of the Loving Father: Masculinity, Legitimacy and the French and Dutch Restoration; Matthijs Lok, Natalie Scholz ; Legs Fit for a King: Masculinity in the Staging of the Dutch Restoration Monarchy, 1813-1819 by Stefan Dudink.
Free access also to most archived articles from 1970 onwards. Strong coverage of political economic and social history.
For other free Ejournals see the directory of open access journals.

World Bank releases Exporter dynamics database.
This provides data on exporter characteristics and dynamics in 45 developed and developing countries. Most statistics cover 2003-2009. Data is tajken mainly from customs includes numbers of exporters, size of firms and values shows market domination by large enterprises..
More info here.Updates will be made annually.

Mapping Texts
is a collaborative project between Stanford University and the University of North Texas. It is supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities. It aims to provide methods of analyzing patterns and trends across large scale historic newspaper collections. It is currently
experimenting on a collection of about 232,500 pages of historical newspapers digitized by the Texas Digital Newspaper Program at the University of North Texas Library to o find methods of large scale data and text mining. Current test areas include mappings of word and language use over a large time period (visualizations available) mappings of number and type of news produced in certain geographical locations worldwide.

The Getty Research Portal
Is a new digital library launched by the Getty Research Institute to provide free access to a catalogue of ebooks relating to all aspects of art history. It has currently over 20,000 links from collection at Columbia University, the Frick Collection, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Brooklyn Art Museum, and the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the National Institute of the History of Art (INHA) in Paris, the University of Malaga in Spain and Heidelberg University in Germany. In addition to being a great resource for art historians,  The site is of interest to social scientists too as it includes some titles about art and politics. Many books have page illustrations. fill searching facilities. Most books are full text. Formats differ.

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