Multicultural Shared Leadership: A Conceptual Model

seekingthomas (CC BY 2.0)

Alex J. Ramthun and Gina S. Matkin, both of the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, published “Multicultural Shared Leadership: A Conceptual Model of Shared Leadership in Culturally Diverse Teams” in the Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies August 2012 issue, providing a  model that may help advance both multicultural team and shared leadership theory and practice:

In an effort to stimulate studies to investigate multicultural leadership and to bridge the shared leadership research gap, this conceptual article reviews past and present literature to develop conceptual propositions forming a multicultural model of shared leadership. First, an examination of the definitions of culture finds consensus on culture as a dynamic system. Second, a review of the developmental model of intercultural sensitivity (DMIS) introduces the concept of intercultural competence and its possible moderating impact on shared leadership in multicultural environments. Third, an exploration into the theoretical foundations of vertical and shared leadership develops primary themes. Finally, the formation of propositions and a conceptual model invites researchers to study the moderating impact of intercultural competence on the relationship between culturally diverse team composition and the formation, practice, and effectiveness of shared leadership.

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