Where Is Change Research Getting Us?

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Change research in organization theory abounds, but is it leading to progress in the field? A new study in The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science (JABS) challenges basic assumptions and asks “the question of what exactly is the ‘change’ in organizational change research.” Gavin M. Schwarz of The University of New South Wales published “Shaking Fruit out of the Tree: Temporal Effects and Life Cycle in Organizational Change Research” in the JABS September 2012 issue. Click here to view the Table of Contents.

Dr. Schwarz writes:

Faced with an infinite number of “facts” that have shaped what is currently known about organizational change, one must wonder which one of these statements is accurate. More specifically, with this inconsistency as a backdrop, how exactly do change researchers convert established ideas, rules, procedures, and information into tangible outcomes? The framing question of this current research—of progress and life cycles—seeks to understand the accuracy of these varied knowledge assumptions by focusing on what change has been studied, and whether this convention has resulted in progress in knowledge.

Read the complete article here. To learn more about The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, please follow this link.

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