Organizational Research

Putting a Critical Perspective to Use in Management Education

The authors of a new paper on management education were motivated to pursue this research because we felt that critical thinking and the importance of having a critical approach were treated too narrowly in the traditional leadership and management literature.

2 years ago

Collective Leadership for Everyone in the Organization?

Joe Raelin argues that democratic organization can exist and be developed without hierarchical control. There is ample evidence across civilization and time that humans can self-organize without hierarchical structure.

3 years ago
collaboration defined in dictionary

Collaboration, Coordination and Cooperation Between Organizations

The terms “collaboration,” “coordination” and “cooperation,” write Xavier Castañer and Nuno Oliveira in a recent paper published by the Journal of Management, underpin both the organizations they describe and the study of those organizations, and yet the terms themselves are inconsistently defined and therefore their use can be imprecise or even downright confusing.

3 years ago