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This week more Olympic sites.

See our reading list on race and sport.
This includes free access to a relevant podcast from the Runnymede Trust of a talk on the topic- Does Sport Promote or Challenge Racism? EuroRacism, Cosmopolitanism and Sport with Professor Ben Carrington
Some other Olympic related sites:
The Olympic Movement website has some excellent materials. Subsections include: peace through sport.
Women and sport.
Take a look at:
A List of all medallists since 1896.
Though on this theme for good displays of who won by age, sex and education in 2012 look at the Guardian datablog. Alternative medals table and the general Olympics data site

For reaction to the 2012 Olympics Emoto is creating a unique project to map emotions in real time using twitter. The site can be difficult to access but  is here. Find out which topics are being discussed the most.

Turning to historic materials.

The Olympic Movement has some past videos of key moments.
YouTube Democracy now channel has discussions of the 1968 black power salute with those involved.
There is also some discussion and images of the event on the BBC.
The BBC archives also have images/documents from the 1948 ‘austerity Olympics’  they include oral history accounts from competitors.
Even better footage on the British Pathe website
1908 . See the women archers. 
Opening ceremonies.

The British Library untold lives blog – which is a fascinating blog from curators celebrating the lives of individuals from their archives. Has some postings and images of India and the Olympics.
Other useful sport related sites for historians
Cricinfo match and series index where you can search for every international scorecard or since Test cricket began in 1876.  the Association of Cricket Statisticians and Historians  also have various statistical facts in the research section of their website. as well as an extensive archive of past copies of their journal.
The Association of Football Statisticians website offers free access to
English Premier League statistics and historical Football League statistics, All time European Championship statistics, International football stats for selected national sides

New York State Department of Financial Services report on Standard Chartered Bank
See also the Standard Chartered response.
BBC summary of events.
Wall Street Journal
and their blogs.

Enhanced access to data from ITU- International Telecommunications Union.

The ITU collects data on mobile phones, internet use and access worldwide. Its website offers some free statistics. These can now be mapped more effectively using Google data explorer
Explore and visualize key ICT indicators from 1960 to 2011 for about 200 economies worldwide by creating line graphs, bar graphs, maps and bubble charts.

United States peace index 2012
Second annual report from the Institute for Economics and peace.
The index uses five key indicators to measure peace: the number of homicides, the number of violent crimes, the incarceration rate, and the number of police officers and the availability of small arms. Look at the mappings which enable analysis of the economic impact of crime and violence.
There is an also a Global index. which has 23 indicators and ranks over 150 nations according to their ‘absence of violence’.

World Cities Culture Report 2012
Produced by the Mayor of London is the biggest international survey of its kind. It has collected an unprecedented amount of data on the scope and impact of the cultural assets and activities that are produced and consumed in 12 major cities: Berlin, Istanbul, Johannesburg, London, Mumbai, New York
Paris, São Paulo, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo.There are 60 indicators.
They include heritage, film, literature, cultural provision, consumption and participation. It is possible to visualize charts and graphs on the website.

Irish broadcaster RTE creates online archive.
This provides access to both still and moving images. From TV and radio. These could have importance for historians of Irish political, social and cultural history of the 20th century. There are a number of themed exhibitions
These include coverage of the elections from 1965 onwards. .
Emigration in Irish history
Items are being gradually added to the moving image. There is a larger collection of photographs including the famous Cashman collection.

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