How To Improve Engagement? It’s About Communication Skills

Victor1558 (CC BY 2.0)

Organizations seeking to boost engagement need to teach their employees how to build healthier workplace relationships, according to a study recently published by Geraldine E. Hynes of Sam Houston State University in Business Communication Quarterly:

Companies that recognize the relationship between employee engagement and business success will seek ways to foster and facilitate workers’ emotional well-being. One way to encourage employee engagement is to provide training in interpersonal communication. This research analyzes what one U.S.-based company is doing to achieve that goal. The company and the evolution of its communication training program are described, with a focus on an interpersonal communication component. Methods used for evaluating learning outcomes are outlined, along with some results. Finally, this study proposes several implications of this case study for business communication professionals.

Read the article, “Improving Employees’ Interpersonal Communication Competencies: A Qualitative Study,” published on September 19, 2012 in BCQ. Click here to receive e-alerts about new articles covering the many interdisciplinary, international, and organizational perspectives that characterize the field of business communication.

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