CARMA Global Community for Organizational Scientists

Connecting People, Resources, and Events of Organizational Research Methods

CGClogoTALLThe CARMA Global Community (CGC) is being established as an international professional association whose mission is to support the research methods educational needs of faculty and students from disciplines related to organizational studies. These related disciplines include organizational behavior, human resources, strategic management, industrial/organizational psychology, and other areas of organizational and psychological sciences.

As an international association, the CGC will work collaboratively with faculty and students from special interest groups or divisions from other professional associations, both domestically and internationally that emphasize research methods and statistics. Future members of the CGC will include these faculty and students, along with others with more traditional substantive interests who are looking for guidance and information on research methods issues.ORM_72ppiRGB_100%

The general objective with the establishment of the CGC is to build upon the CARMA brand and its successful global presence, while meeting needs not currently fully addressed by other professional associations. Benefits of CGC membership currently include access to 20 recorded lectures on research methods topics presented by distinguished organizational scholars, many of whom are editors and editorial board members of top organizational journals.

CGC members also will receive electronic access to the journal Organizational Research Methods, of which CARMA is a co-sponsor, as well as discount on CARMA Short Courses offered in multiple locations globally. Finally, CGC members will have access to information sharing and network building platforms of CARMANet (listserv) and CARMA Connections (LinkedIn group).

Click here for more details on CGC Member benefits mentioned above.

If you would like to become a member of the CGC Pilot Program, or if you have questions or suggestions, please visit to communicate with CARMA and the CGC team.

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