The Oscars: Shining a Light on the Best in Film

Today the Oscars, or Academy Awards, program for excellence in cinematic achievement will be telecast worldwide.

What does academic research have to say about global films and the industries surrounding them? Plenty, it appears. We’ve pulled together a collection of articles spanning film and television and covering such issues as: using films to teach organizational behavior; examining ethical leadership through images of Italian-American immigrant leaders; discovering the advantages and disadvantages of social capital in film and TV work; promoting destinations via film tourism, and much more. Read the articles free through March 10th.



Nicholas O. Warner and Ronald E. Riggio
Italian-American leadership in Hollywood films: Images and realities
Leadership (August 2012)


Irena Grugulis and Dimitrinka Stoyanova
Social Capital and Networks in Film and TV: Jobs for the Boys?
Organization Studies (October 2012)


Gerald W. Smith
Using Feature Films as the Primary Instructional Medium to Teach Organizational Behavior
Journal of Management Education (August 2009)


Lorraine Rowlands and Jocelyn Handy
An addictive environment: New Zealand film production workers’ subjective experiences of project-based labour
Human Relations (May 2012)


Dal Yong Jin
Transforming the global film industries: Horizontal integration and vertical concentration amid neoliberal globalization
International Communication Gazette (August 2012)


Simon Hudson and J.R. Brent Ritchie
Promoting Destinations via Film Tourism: An Empirical Identification of Supporting Marketing Initiatives
Journal of Travel Research (January 2010)


Jean-Marc Lehu and Étienne Bressoud
Recall of Brand Placement in Movies: Interactions between Prominence and Plot Connection in Real Conditions of Exposure
Recherche et Applications en Marketing (English Edition) (March 2009)

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