Imagine the Future World: How do we want to work tomorrow? @EAWOP2013

Inside St. Paul’s Cathedral, Münster, Germany
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The 16th congress of the European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology (EAWOP), takes place in Münster, Germany this week, May 22-25, 2013. As the EAWOP website states, “the congress is one of the three largest international conferences of work and organizational psychologists worldwide, and the largest in Europe. In 2013, we expect more than 1,200 scientists and practitioners to attend the congress for three exciting days.

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“The theme of the 16th congress, ‘Imagine the future world: How do we want to work tomorrow?’ intends to inspire new and innovative ideas on how to master the manifold new challenges we experience in work organizations today and tomorrow, such as globalization and digitalization of economic processes, flexible work with remote partners, demographic changes, financial turbulences, and growing climatic problems. Therefore, this congress is not only a stimulating event for the community of work and organizational psychologists, but shall also provide inspiring ideas and concepts for decision makers in related disciplines, consultancies, and politics.”

You are able to follow the congress on Twitter @EAWOP2013 and view the program. If attending the congress, please make plans to stop by the stand and see us.

oprSAGE is proud to publish a journal, Organizational Psychology Review, in partnership with EAWOP.  Organizational Psychology Review’s unique aim is to publish original conceptual work and meta-analyses in the field of organizational psychology (broadly defined to include applied, industrial, occupational, personnel, and work psychology as well as organizational behaviour). Access to Organizational Psychology Review (OPR) is free until 31 December 2013. Click here.  Other OPR features include: OnlineFirst (publish ahead of print) articles; Special Forum on ‘Good Theory’; and Email Alerts to stay on top of the latest issues in organizational psychology.

To celebrate the EAWOP congress, we’re also pleased to offer here free access to research from top scholars in the field. Just click to read. For more related research, you can also follow us this week on Twitter @SAGEManagement.

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