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How have new media such as Twitter and Facebook changed companies’ relationships with customers? How do firms leverage engagement to increase customer loyalty? Find out these answers and more by reading the current top five most-read articles in the Journal of Service Research. These papers are free to access through July 17 using the links below. Please share and enjoy!

JSR_72ppiRGB_150pixwWujin Chu, Eitan Gerstner, and James D. Hess
Managing Dissatisfaction: How to Decrease Customer Opportunism by Partial Refunds
November 1998

Thorsten Hennig-Thurau, Edward C. Malthouse, Christian Friege, Sonja Gensler, Lara Lobschat, Arvind Rangaswamy, and Bernd Skiera
The Impact of New Media on Customer Relationships
August 2010

Jenny van Doorn, Katherine N. Lemon, Vikas Mittal, Stephan Nass, Doreén Pick, Peter Pirner, and Peter C. Verhoef
Customer Engagement Behavior: Theoretical Foundations and Research Directions
August 2010

Amy L. Ostrom, Mary Jo Bitner, Stephen W. Brown, Kevin A. Burkhard, Michael Goul, Vicki Smith-Daniels, Haluk Demirkan, and Elliot Rabinovich
Moving Forward and Making a Difference: Research Priorities for the Science of Service
February 2010

Ingo O. Karpen, Liliana L. Bove, and Bryan A. Lukas
Linking Service-Dominant Logic and Strategic Business Practice: A Conceptual Model of a Service-Dominant Orientation
February 2012

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