Book Review: Wall Street Women

wall_street_womenMelissa S. Fisher: Wall Street Women. Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2012. 227 pp. $22.95, paperback; $79.95, cloth.

Read the review by Alexandra Michel of the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education, published in the Administrative Science Quarterly September issue:

Wall Street Women is a politically engaged ethnography that documents how the first generation of Wall Street women, who constitute today’s influential ‘‘super-elite,’’ became that way; how they entered and claimed power in male- dominated banks, how they transformed themselves from members of a non- distinct asq150middle class, and how they in the process also transformed Wall Street, opening it up for female advancement and feminizing aspects of finance. Fisher, an assistant professor of anthropology at Georgetown, traced the women’s trajectories from their career starts during the fifties to retirement and post-retirement projects.

Click here to continue reading; follow this link to see the latest issue of Administrative Science Quarterly and this one to see new articles and reviews in OnlineFirst.

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