November 2013 Round-up of Social Science Research (SAGE Insight)

The following articles are drawn from SAGE Insight, which spotlights research published in SAGE’s 700+ journals. All the articles linked to from this site are free to read for a limited period.

Emotion in leadership within the education environment
Educational Management Administration

Association between football matches and domestic violence

A special issue marking the 50th anniversary of the death of C. S. Lewis: Consideration and recognition of his contribution to literary and theological fields

The culture-blindness of global psychology
South African Journal of Psychology

Performance Pay: Trends and Consequences
National Institute Economic Review

The cigarette box as an advertising vehicle in the UK
Journal of Health Psychology

Quantitative linguistic technology feedback influence on adult linguistic behaviour
Communication Disorders Quarterly

Smells like team spirit: Opening a paradoxical black box
Human Relations

Can putting your child before yourself make you a happier person?
Social Psychological and Personality Science

How are Open Access and MOOCS disrupting the academic community in different ways?

Social antecedents and consequences of gender-sport stereotypes during Adolescence
Psychology of Women Quarterly

How can researchers bridge the gap between scholarship and public administration?
State and Local Government

‘A big night out’: Young people’s night-time drinking habits in English cities
Urban Studies

The ‘twice-exceptional’ bright children who have disabilities that hinder their success
Gifted Child Quarterly

Recent advances in false memory research
South African Journal of Psychology

Tweets reveal news readership patterns around the world

Precarious work: Economic, sociological and political perspectives
The Economic and Labour Relations Review

‘Migration from Bulgaria and Romania to the UK’ and other free topical economic commentaries available from the National Institute Economic Review
National Institute Economic Review

The meaning of tattooing for women during this ‘‘tattoo renaissance’’ and links to the self
Clothing and Textiles Research Journal

Latest revision of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders comes under the feminist microscope
Feminism & Psychology

Disgust – the way forwards for effective health campaigns?
Health Education Journal

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