Are Nature-based Tourist Destinations in the Asia-Pacific Region At Risk?

floating-house-239986_640An interest in nature and nature-based tourism has been steadily increasing in the Asia-Pacific region. But could this growing enthusiasm result in over developed, overpriced or even artificial natural attractions? Warwick Frost, Jennifer Lang, and Sue Beeton collaborated on the article “The Future of Nature-Based Tourism in the Asia-Pacific Region” in the Journal of Travel Research and wrote the following:

Analysis of the scenarios elicits some common threads. The first is JTR_72ppiRGB_powerpointthe replacement of nature or natural things by artificial versions. While this lessens the pressure on nature, it may be ultimately unsatisfying, given psychological drivers linked to authenticity and the spirituality to be found in the natural world. It also appears to conflict with Asian philosophical values associated with seeing nature and human beings as interdependent and intertwined. The second relates to the increasing divide between those privileged with access to nature and those forced to access substitutes. In these scenarios, nature will become something that is not available to all, only to those with the wherewithal to pay for them. The third issue is the paradox of visitors wanting immersive experiences, which may threaten the viability of the very thing that they seek to get close to.
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