The Social Impact of the Corporation: A New Virtual Feature Issue from Administrative Science Quarterly

We are pleased to announce a special virtual feature issue now up for Administrative Science Quarterly, titled “The Social Impact of the Corporation.” Curated by editor Jerry Davis, this issue features five articles on this topic for your reading pleasure.

From the introduction:

Over a decade ago, Hinings and Greenwood (2002) lamented that organizational scholars had abandoned some of the field’s foundational concerns with power, organizations, and society.  Answersasq to the question “What are the consequences of the existence of organizations” had “all but disappeared from discussion in the ASQ.”  “We ought…to think about the effects and consequences of organizations, individually and collectively, on individuals and collectives.  We ought to return to an examination of, and theorize about, effects at the level of a society…”

In the immortal words of a recent US president: Mission Accomplished.  Recent issues of ASQ have addressed questions such as how corporations use stealth to curtail retiree health benefits while avoiding reprisals (Briscoe and Murphy, 2012); the effects on employees of intrusive monitoring by management (Bernstein, 2012); how the political ideology of the CEO shapes his or her company’s commitment to social responsibility and political engagement (Chin et al., 2013); how protests by activists influence where big-box retailers locate their stores (Yue et al., 2013); and how natural disasters and planned events such as hosting a Super Bowl in the headquarters city channel corporate philanthropic spending (Tilcsik and Marquis, 2013).

Administrative Science Quarterly’s virtual feature issue can be found by clicking here. Don’t miss a single opportunity to keep up on special issues and articles like this! Click here to sign up for e-alerts!

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