Behind the Scenes: Management Research on Film

Talk about films is in the air today as the Oscars/Academy Awards are telecast to a worldwide audience. This means it’s that time of the year again when those of us at Management INK not only pause to enjoy films as entertainment, but also to explore what top research has to say about the creative arts. It was a good year for films and a good year for research pertaining to films. Enjoy!

We offer the following recent articles for your consideration, free to access through March 31st.

Balázs Kovács  and Amanda J. Sharkey
The Paradox of Publicity: How Awards Can Negatively Affect the Evaluation of Quality(Administrative Science Quarterly: March 2014) More ASQ

Irene E. De Pater, Timothy A. Judge  and Brent A. Scott
Age, Gender, and Compensation: A Study of Hollywood Movie Stars (Journal of Management Inquiry: January 2014) More JMI

Eric Yanfei Zhao, Masakazu Ishihara and Michael Lounsbury
Overcoming the Illegitimacy Discount: Cultural Entrepreneurship in the US Feature Film Industry (Organization Studies: December 2013) More OS

Eun-Kyoung Othelia Lee and Mary Ann Priester
Who is The Help? Use of Film to Explore Diversity (Affilia: February 2014) More Affilia

Mary J. Waller, Golchehreh Sohrab and Bernard W. Ma
Beyond 12 Angry Men: Thin-Slicing Film to Illustrate Group Dynamics (Small Group Research: August 2013) More SGR

Steve Pan and Chris Ryan
Film-Induced Heritage Site Conservation: The Case of Echoes of the Rainbow (Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research: February 2013 More JHTR

Mark Tadajewski and Kathy Hamilton
Waste, Art, and Social Change: Transformative Consumer Research Outside of the Academy?  (Journal of Macromarketing: March 2014) More JMK

Patrice M. Buzzanell and Suzy D’Enbeau
Intimate, ambivalent and erotic mentoring: Popular culture and mentor-mentee relational processes in Mad Men (Human Relations: November 2013) More HR

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